Friday, October 15, 2010

Embossing Trial and MPS Challenge

Hey friends!  This card started out to be an experiment in embossing since I just received my versamark and embossing powders from Papertrey Ink, but I really liked the way it finally turned out.  Cutting out the card and designing this one was really easy.  It was the embossing that turned out to be tricky. 
At first I could not get the stuff to melt!  I sat there with my hairdryer blowing on it for like 10 minutes.  I kept dropping the paper and when I tried to anchor it, it still blew away and ended up scrapping off some of the embossing powder.  So, I had to remake the tag and the red portion of the mug. 
I went online to do some more research – I didn’t know if I messed up the stamping and applying the powder, if my product was defective, or if a hair dryer wouldn’t work (but come on…if that is not a heat tool what is??).  Online they kept saying you could see the powder melt (had not experienced this yet) and that it had to get to 200 degrees before it would melt.  So, I decided to try using a lighter to melt it.
I went on our front porch and pulled out the trusty Zippo.  While I was trying to melt the paper the crazy cat lady across the street came out to tell me that she was taking a bunch of cats to the vet… She had one in a cage and I really didn’t catch the rest because my paper caught on fire!!!  I tried to blow it out but it just made it worse so I dropped it on the ground and had to stomp it out.  Through all of this the lady kept telling me about her cats!  BUT it did melt the powder!  So I stamped up some more paper and took it outside to emboss with a lighter (no more Zippos).  It worked great and I just barely burned my finger.
Anyways, I loved how this card turned out.  I started out wanting to try embossing and I needed an entry for the My Pink Stamper challenge.  You had to make something cute!  I think this qualifies!

I hope you like it!  Oh, and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the paper that I ended up burning….

Recipe: All products are Papertrey Ink and Stampin’ Up
Paper: Pure Poppy, Old Olive, Brown (forget the name), and Kraft paper
Ribbon: Pure Poppy, twine (papertrey)
Embossing Powder: Silver from Papertrey Ink
Versamark stamp
Cartridge: Winter Frolic
Stamp: My Pink Stamper



Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog. So here's a free tip for you. Dont use open fire, it's much too dangerous! Buy yourself a heattool or use your toaster. Goodluck! Like your card.



Thanks for the tip Anette! Your right, it is dangerous to use an open flame (as you can see from my result that didn't quite work out). I'll be getting a heat tool as soon as the cash flow permits. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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